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Captions R Us

the best community since Dude! I Shit You Not!

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This community is basically a big game that ANYONE is allowed to play (so tell your friends).

Here's how to play:
1. Somebody posts a strange, funny, random, or even zany picture.
2. Participants post captions that explain what is going on in the picture, what the picture means, or what someone in the picture is saying. Post these as comments. Please read everyone else's comment before wrtiing your own caption (so that there aren't two that are very similar).
3. After a week (or so) of kuh-razy caption posting, s/he who posted the picture decides which caption is the funniest.
4. The winner posts a new picture and the game restarts.
5. Only one game is played at a time. Please do not post a new picture when a winner has not been declared for the current picture. In other words, you have to win before you post a picture. Illegitimate posts will be deleted.

Created and moderated by judaso. Also moderated by plaidboxer.
For more hilarity and good times go to dudeishityounot.

Inspired by a topic at the Zwanmusic.net message board.